Friday, April 10, 2015


After searching for a little over a month, Alan and I found a beautiful little house and though not directly downtown, it is still in one of the more historic districts. We get the keys in a week, and I am beyond excited.

And nervous. Not sure if this nervousness is to blame but my bingeing has been out of control. Considering my only other "shacking up" experience was absolutely horrifying, I think this is understandable. Add to this that at the end of May, Alan's daughter, D, will be coming to stay with us for a month+, and I'll be watching her during the day while Alan is at work.

I want to be amazing. I want to give Alan a home that is peaceful and full of love. (His ex-wife set the bar pretty low, so this helps...haha). I want D to feel comfortable and safe. I realize that in order to do these things, to truly bring happiness into the home, I have to be taking care of myself.

I've printed out a household tasks sheet to keep me on track. It involves breaking the house into parts and basically tackling just one part a day, thereby always having a clean home. In addition, I want to be more regular with working out and eating right so that I can feel good about myself and be more consistently happy and reliable.

I want to give him everything. I feel so lucky to get to be in his life. He deserves the absolute best I have to offer.

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  1. That's so exciting about the house. How old is D? Small children in your care tend to drown out the more unpleasant voices in your head, so it might be good to have her around. How is the band going? My lil bros and I are hopefully going to do some putzing around this summer if we can all learn the same songs.

    He's lucky to have you in his life, too. Don't ever forget that. <3